Filco Majestouch Stingray Low Profile


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Filco Majestouch Stingray Low Profile


Key switch / Number of keys CHERRY MX markLowProfileRed
Cherry MX Low Profile Red Switch Red / 104 keys
Key printing Top face
Key pitch / Key stroke 19mm / 3.2mm
Dimensions / Weight W440 x D138 x H31.7mm (40.7mm raised up by stand) / 1.1kg
Interface PS/2, USB (PS/2 interface is available with PS/2 Conversion Adapter)
Cable length 1.8m
Accessories Keycaps, FILCO KeyPuller, PS/2 Conversion Adapter
User Manual  Majestouch Stingray User Manual [StingrayManualA5.pdf]
Notices All our FILCO Keyboard have already passed the CE, FCC and RoHS certification.
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