About Us


Xtreme Solution have been established since 2011, Our vision from the very beginning was to be the world's greatest gaming zone and we've set out to achieve that by carrying in the BEST and ULTIMATE gaming products that any gamer has ever seen and want.

Today, Xtreme Solution is well known by all Gamer around the world!

As we live by our name : Xtreme Solution "Your Ultimate Gaming Zone".

Xtreme Solution will continue to bring in the world GREATEST AND AWESOME Gaming products to satisfy your Gaming needs.

Xtreme Solution carry all gaming product you can think off!

We are proud to be the sole distributor for Gunnar Gaming Eyewear,  Ducky Channel, Das Keyboard, Vortex, Mistel, iKbc, Filco, Topre, Leopold, Varmilo, Glorious PC Gaming Race, Zapcable, Taihao, Pulsar, Lamzu, Finalmouse.

Brand we sell, Razer, Steelseries, Ducky, Logitech, Gunnar Optiks, Realforce, Filco, Leopold, Das Keyboard, Vortex, HHKB, Hyper X, IKBC, Mistel, Corsair, Benq Zowie, Dxracer, Varmilo, Glorious PC Gaming Race, Elgato, Zapcable, EPOS, Pulsar, Melgeek, Lofree, Saitek, Lamzu, Finalmouse, Blue and etc.


Jeremy Soh

Founder of Xtreme Solution Pte Ltd